If you go to Members > Email Members you can access your email settings.

Once here, you will see basic information to fill out such as Club Name and then which email you would like member responses to be sent to:

If you click the drop-down menu you can select and save the email address you would like the member replies to be sent to.

If you continue scrolling you'll see various filters such as Filter Members By Groups and Filter Members By Memberships:

At the bottom of the screen you'll finally see where you can type the email message.

NOTE: You can add hyperlinks by clicking here:

As well as attach files down below, here:

NOTE: If you would like to send new members their welcome email for joining your club, this is NOT that form.

To send new users their welcome email, you will need to go to Members > Other Actions > Send Welcome Email:

From here, you'll see where you can enter your Club Name as well as the desired Reply To email address.

Next, you'll see the new member Welcome Email message:

And if you scroll below the Welcome Email message, you can select which members you would like to send the Welcome Email to.

Finally, once you have selected the members you would like to receive the welcome email, you can also add a customized message under Additional Message:

Below the Welcome Email, as with the other email setting, you can select / attach a file.

And that is how you setup the different Email Settings for your club in your CourtReserve platform.

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