By setting up 'Guests' in your organization's Reservation Settings, your members will be able to add guests to their reservations.

NOTE: The Guest module on Reservations is a convenient way for your members to add their friends that do not have accounts inside your club's CourtReserve page (their names don't appear in the search bar for players). It's also an easy way to add on guest fees for each guest being brought.

Under Settings > Reservation Settings > Reservation Types

Create a New Reservation Type or Edit an existing reservation type.

Let's say we want to Edit an existing reservation type to now allow 'Guests.' We would click the 'Edit' icon and see this:

Allow Guests - this will only allow guests to be added on the admin side.

Allow Guests on Member Portal - this will allow guests to be added onto the player side (member portal).

Once we check this box, we will be asked if we want to add a Guest Fee, as well as select if this is an Hourly or Fixed fee:

Now, just Save Changes, and we will have successfully setup 'Guests' for this particular reservation type.

NOTE: You must setup 'Guests' for each desired reservation type you have at your facility.

Adding Guests from Member Portal

Now, when we go into 'Book a Court' from the Member Portal, and click 'Reserve' under the scheduler view, we can select the desired reservation type (ex. Singles) and then will be asked the # of Guests.

By collecting this information, admins can use this for Guest Tracking. For more information on Guest Tracking, CLICK HERE .

Now all we would have to do is 'Save Changes' and the guest(s) would now be saved for this reservation.

Guest Fees and Upfront Payments for Reservations

CLICK HERE to see how to require Upfront Payment on Reservations.

If you go to Settings > Portal Settings > Setup you can edit who can 'own' the guest fee (the guest or the member is going to pay for the guest fee).

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