Q: Email Settings in a family

  • If a child is a part of a family and does NOT have an email on their account, emails sent to the child's account will go directly to the primary / spouse (parents email addresses on file).

  • If the child has an email address on file, any emails sent to the CHILD, will go to the email listed on their info:

Q: Child Booking and Login Privileges

For this, we'll go to the child's account:

Then, we'll go to LOGIN DETAILS tab and scroll until we see this box:

Q: How to block children from making purchases on the account

If your child has been making charges to the family (or their personal) account, you can disable them from being able to do so. However, this feature must be turned on by an Admin at the club.

To enable this, we'll go to the child's account:

And then scroll down until we see this box:

***Remember, an Admin or System User has to do this for the member's account.***

Q: We detached a family member and they lost all the events they were signed up for.

When you detach someone, it LEAVES the original member on the original family in a DETACHED state. It then creates new members with the same name that you can then do anything with.

However, due to the complexity of moving all the history, it will create the new ones with no event or financial history. If you want to put them in the event you have to re-register them.

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