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What are the self-care actions on the D9?

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The Daily9 is geared towards self-care, by helping you build healthy habits in all areas of your life covering diet, exercise and sleep. In addition, other small habits can do wonders to help with your mental well-being.

Pick one suggestion/task per week, which you can try to do.

Work on simple but powerful techniques such as the following:

  • Breathing exercises/ meditation for 5 minutes a day

  • Learning to transition between our work-mode and family-mode

  • Building the habit of entering your D9 every day, to be more aware of our daily practices

  • Recording and recognising yourself each day by writing down one thing that you appreciate about yourself

  • Mentally uplift yourself by focussing on an event or an action, however minor, which made you smile that day

  • Switching off all electronic devices for a short period of time each day

  • Reap the mental benefits of physically reducing clutter, by disposing or donating of one item each day

You can also share your own ideas with us and fellow D9ers on the D9 Whatsapp group!

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