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What is DataFromSky TrafficSurvey Viewer?

Free traffic data analytical software for advanded traffic surveys and traffic analysis.

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TrafficSurveyViewer (.exe) is a professional desktop application for traffic analysis from videos. This comprehensive license-free tool has been built since the year 2013 and has helped in many research and commercial projects worldwide. TrafficSurveyViewer (.zip) Check out some of the research published thanks to data from our TrafficSurvey.

Thanks to DataFromSky Viewer you can set and manage your own scenarios, so you have full control over the data and outputs you are getting! There are no black box solutions (we do not hide any results). You own the raw trajectory data. We can guarantee 100% data accuracy to you with a credit refund! The best thing is that you pay only for the hours of video analyzed. There are no further hidden fees!  

DataFromSky Viewer is currently supporting UTM and WGS-84 system for localization of objects with precision up to 20 cm and using both Imperial and Metric system. Thanks to the software, that is installed on your laptop, you can analyze and export data and statistics offline at any time you want. DataFromSky service detects objects, their movements, interactions, and based on this information you can work with data, information, and statistics over raw data from the video. See some of the features that you can get through the software:

And all with 98% - 100% accuracy with every single millisecond! Export raw data or the above-mentioned features and advanced statistics to .CSV or .XLS file for further analysis or export visualized data to video format such as the following example from Mexico City.

Download TrafficSurveyViewer (.exe), TrafficSurveyViewer (.zip) to start your own analysis for free! Thanks to the desktop application you will be automatically offered updates that might include new features for your ultimate traffic analysis.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

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