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Connecting to your facilities through the Dispel app

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This article assumes that:

  1. You are using an iPad running iOS. If you are on another device, please refer to the article for iOS or macOS.

  2. You have already downloaded and installed the Dispel application on your iPad. If you have not yet done so, please follow the instructions here, and then return to this article.

  3. You have already set up VPN configurations. If this is your first time opening the app, please refer to the article here.

This article will cover:

  1. How to log in to the Dispel application.

  2. How to connect to a network.

Log In

Start with the log in screen. Enter your email and password in their respective fields, and press "Sign In."

If you have multi-factor authentication enabled, enter it on the next screen, and press "Authenticate."

For more information on MFA or to sign in with a recovery code, please see the MFA docs.

Once you authenticate, you will see your Enclaves load. Wait for the spinning wheels to disappear before clicking on an Enclave. You should see the following screen, with a list of your own Enclaves.

You are ready to select your network.

Connect to a network

Tap on the Enclave to which you are connecting. In this example, we are connecting to Remote Access Demo.

You should see your Enclave name at the top of your screen.

Note: In the list of Enclaves, If you see a yellow dot next to the Enclave name, that means that you are connected to the Enclave but not to a destination location yet.

You may get a message reminding you that you have not connected to the end destination yet.

To connect all the way through, please tap the name of your facility.

You should see your facility name at the top when you are fully connected, and a green dot, next to your Enclave on the left.


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