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Personalizing your connections | iOS

Setting auto-connect on startup, and favorite locations

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This article assumes that:

  1. You are using an iPhone running iOS. If you are on another device, please refer to the article for iPadOS or macOS.

  2. You are familiar with how to use the Dispel application. If not, please refer to this article here.

This article will cover:

  1. How to set up auto-connect on startup.

  2. How to set favorite locations.

  3. How to reset your personalizations.

Set up auto-connect on startup

Note: You can only choose your auto-connect location if you have access to multiple Enclaves. If you only have access to a single Enclave, you will automatically connect to it by default.

Log in to your Dispel application, and tap on the "Settings" tab at the bottom.

On the top of the settings panel, you should see "Connect on Startup."

Tap to open the Connect on Startup panel.

You should see a list of your Enclaves. Tap on the one you would like to set to be your auto-connect location. You should see a purple check mark next to the Enclave name. In the example below, "Remote Access Demo" has been selected.

You should now see the name of you Enclave appear in grey on the settings panel.

Now, you when you open the app, you will be automatically connected to this Enclave.

Note: This connects you to an Enclave automatically, but not a destination location yet. To set up auto-connect on startup directly to a facility, make sure to set your desired facility as a Favorite Location.

Set up Favorite Locations

Log in to your Dispel application, and make sure the "Enclaves" tab is selected. You should be able to see all your Enclaves on the screen.

Connect to the Enclave that contains your location. In this example, we've connected to Remote Access Demo.

Now, connect to the location itself, and tap "Set favorite."

You should see a purple star next to the location.

Now, when you connect to this Enclave, you will automatically be connected to this location as well.

Reset all personalizations

Log in to your Dispel application, and click on the "Settings" tab at the bottom.

Click on "Reset All Settings".

Confirm by clicking "Reset".

Now, all of your favorites and auto-connect on starts will be set back to default.


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