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How to set up our Google Calendar Sync.

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The Google calendar Integration lets you:

  1. See bookings right away in your Google calendar, without opening the app

  2. See up-to-date bookings if you reschedule or cancel a booking in the app

  3. Block personal appointments from customers

  4. Automatically create Google Meet links (if you prefer) for your customer

In order to do this, Easy Appointment booking lets you connect Google Calendar, which will prompt you for permission to write calendar invites, that way it appears in your calendar quickly and easily.

Google Calendar Integration is available to Pro and Pro Plus customers of Easy Appointment Booking.

See one-minute setup video

Connect your Google Calendar Account

  1. Head to Settings > General > Google Calendar

  2. Click "Connect"

  3. When connected, all future bookings will be written to the Primary calendar on your Google Account. In the next section, you can assign bookings to a specific calendar.

Block personal appointments

Go to Availability > Set Hours > Google Calendar and select the calendar that that Easy Appointment will know which personal times to block out. This way your customers won't see any appointments available if you have a personal appointment.

💡 Note: If you don’t want to block personal appointments, then bookings will automatically write to your personal default calendar which you connected by default

💡 Note: Use start and end times on your Google Calendar to block appointments, full day blocks on Google are not supported.

Example: you are available Friday's at 12pm, but you have a doctor's appointment at that time so you make a Google Calendar invite on your own from 12-1pm. Now that calendar will be blocked from the app so customer's can't book that time.

Assigning bookings to a specific calendar

By default Once your Google Calendar is connected, all of your bookings write to your primary calendar. However, on the Availability if you assign a calendar of your choice (as above) this sub-calendar will not only block personal time but also be the one that your appointments will directly write to, instead of the primary calendar.

Customize your Google Calendar Event Title

You can edit the title that appears in your Google Calendar invite.

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To customize the title:

  1. Click on Manage beside the event you want to edit from the Dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to the Google Calendar Setup section.

  3. Edit the textbox under Custom Google Calendar Event Title.

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You can add variables here to customize the title for each of your events.

  • {booking_id} -- This is the Booking ID

  • {event_name} -- This is the event name

  • {availability_name} -- The full name of the availability assigned to this booking

  • {order_id} -- The Shopify Order ID if it exists.

  • {first_name} -- Customer's first name

  • {last_name} -- Customer's last name

If you leave this field blank, the Google Calendar event will be titled {event_name}.

Change/Reschedule/Reassign Bookings

If you need to change or re-assign a booking to a new google calendar at a different time, you must reschedule via the app, not Google Calendar. Rescheduling directly in Google calendar is not supported. Similarly, if your booking needs to be deleted, delete the booking in the app and it will update in Google Calendar

💡Changes to bookings in the app will write to Google Calendar, but changing your booking in Google Calendar will not write to the app. It works in one direction, app to Google Calendar

Google Calendar Events: Customer Details

The guest list is visible to you but not visible to guests - so having the appearance of the guests in your calendar invite won't be an issue because those guests can't see each other.

If you want the customer details in the calendar event description then you can add a checkbox on the Manage Event page to enable this. This would mean guests and admin would see the guest list, including the attendee count, emails, and phone number.

Event Owner View

Customer View (guest list hidden, but details shown)

Add Existing Bookings

  1. Head to Settings > General > Google Calendar

  2. Click “Add Existing Bookings to Google Calendar”

  3. Your missing bookings should persist there. If not, please send us an email at

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