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How to setup your event so that team members get notified for upcoming bookings

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For a team member to be notified of an upcoming booking, they must be set up as an Availability first.

The team member email is on the availability. The email for each availability will be cc’ed in the confirmation email and responses from customers will be directly sent to the team member.

The store owner is always cc’ed. Their email is on the settings tab, below the email content.

Let’s use an example. You have three events and two availabilities. Your three events are run by Joe and Karen as set up below.

A customer books an appointment on Event 2 with Karen. This email will be sent to the customer, cc’ing Karen and the store owner. If the customer replies all to the email, Karen will receive the response directly and the store owner will be cc’ed.

Joe does not get notified unless the customer books directly with Joe. If you want customers to not directly select Joe or Karen and rather automatically select who is available, see here on how to do that.

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