Managing your bookings

View past customer bookings, create bookings, and everything in between

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For are all the ways to find bookings, see here.

For ways to add/modify bookings or get specific booking details like your Shopify order, read on!

Add Manual Bookings

If a customer books with you outside of the Shopify checkout flow (for example, over the phone) then you can add the customer booking directly into the app. From the dashboard or your event page, click on Add a Booking. This would add that customer booking on the app and block out the timeslot. Note: this manual booking would not be linked to a Shopify order like a typical booking would be. More details here.

Add Override Dates

To ensure you aren’t booked on a specific date, you can add an override date. If you or your team member have to be away all day or for part of a day (ie. a doctor's appointment or taking a personal day), click on the Availability tab, hover on your event, then click on Manage, scroll to the Single Day Schedule and add your date and time. Leave the time blank if you need the whole day off. More details here.

View Phone Number, Reschedule & Delete Bookings

Head to the Bookings tab and click on a booking to see the Booking details view. On that row there are options to Reschedule or Delete the booking.


Note: You can search for bookings when using the List view by following the steps below:

  • Click Bookings

  • Click sub-tab ‘Search’

  • Search by Booking ID, First/Last Name, Phone, Email, Order

How to find my Shopify Order from the Booking?

  1. Head to the Bookings tab and click on a booking to see the Booking details view.

  2. Click on the arrow dropdown, and you'll see the Shopify Order.

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