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Hosting private and/or open events on Eatwith
Hosting private and/or open events on Eatwith

Your guide to your booking options, how to create and host Eatwith private events.

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In this guide we'll talk about:

The difference between private and open events

Private events are exclusive gatherings for a set number of guests. Instead of scheduling and inviting public guests to your Open Events, you'll receive special booking requests to celebrate occasions - birthdays, bachelorettes, family gatherings, corporate events and more! An Eatwith Open Event, on the other hand, is an experience that is open to the public, for anyone to book, whether they know each other or not.

How can I choose if I want to accept only open or private events?

  1. Go to “My experiences”, click on the experience you would like to edit.

  2. Click on “3. Description” and scroll down to see your bookings options. We highly recommend you choose to host private groups and open events.

What if I only want to make one of my events open or private?

Similarly to when you schedule a new date in the calendar, you'll have the option to make the event either open or private. This is useful if someone has requested a private event booking link.

On your calendar, select a date that you would like to schedule the event on and press the "+" button. Schedule a date and select how you would like your event to be visible.

Once you've created the private event, you can then select it on the calendar and create a link to share with your guests by clicking on "Share event".

How should I host my private event?

Please note that depending on group and type of event, hosting a private event is slightly different. Here are just a few of the things to make a note of:

  1. Adapt your experience for a local audience. If you are interested in offering Private Events, make sure your experience offering is appealing to locals in your city, as this is the audience you will be attracting. Check out our top tips here.

  2. Private event guests are familiar with one another. For these groups, you can be less involved in the event as you normally would with guests dining at an "Open Table."

  3. Private groups typically request custom menus. Be sure to connect with your guest to discuss their occasion and how you can make it special.

  4. Your guests may ask to bring decorations or other items for their celebration. Discuss what you’re able to accommodate in your home or private space.

  5. Because people all know each other, private events tend to run longer than normal events. Communicate with the organizer the end time and offer a suggestion for a nearby bar they can continue their gathering at after the event.

Other commonly asked booking option questions

Do the bookings options impact the visibility of my experiences on the website?

No matter what option you choose, you will appear on the Eatwith search results. Your experience will be visible on the search page, even if you host private events only.

Do I have to update my calendar if I do only private or open events?

Yes, no matter what option you choose, if your calendar is open by default it’s important to close any dates you are unavailable to host to avoid receiving requests on these dates and then having to reject them. You will receive and manage all booking requests and payments through your Eatwith dashboard.

Keep an eye on your inbox. As guests typically send requests to more than one host, we recommend checking your messages and responding within 48 hours so that you don't miss out on the booking opportunity!

Guests will not be able to send a booking request on a date that is closed.

Learn more about your calendar here.

Can I continue hosting Open Events too?

Yes - if you would like to continue hosting Open Events as well as Private Events, all you need to do is schedule Open Event dates on your calendar. Guests will have the option to join an open table, enabling them to book tickets for your Open Event, along with other guests.

How does it work for the guests?

If you accept private groups and open events, guests will be able to book seats for either if they reach the minimum number of guests required. However, if the minimum number of guests is not reached, the guests can only book for an open event if they require a customized event.

If your experience has instant booking, the bookings will be automatically confirmed.

In the example below, the minimum number of guests required for the host to run a private event is 2. The guest can book an open event or a private event for his group of 2 or above.

After you've set everything up don't forget to review your experience!

Now is the time to review your current experience which is now bookable for private event requests! Double check that the minimum and maximum number of guests is set correctly and be flexible with your cancellation policy.

Many of our hosts are very successful with private events! If you have questions or need assistance with your Private Event offering, or if for any reason you do not wish to offer Private dining, feel free to reach out to your Community Manager, or email the community team at - we’re always happy to help!

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