How to create magic from the Eatwith site to your table?

From scrolling through your images to reading the details of your menu, the guest's journey begins on For newcomers to Eatwith, this part is both exciting and uncertain - as they do not know what to expect. It’s important to make them feel welcome from your very first message to greeting them at the door to the last toast of the night. Because at Eatwith, we love to create memories that last a lifetime.

Here are a few tips to help you create magic around your table: 

 Before The Event

Connect with your guests

One or two days prior to the event, tell them that you are looking forward to meeting them and get them excited. This is also a great opportunity to remind them to bring a jacket if it might get a bit windy or give them the intercom code. If your menu varies depending on the market or the season, please take time to share the menu.

Consider the guests

Are they celebrating a special occasion? Do they have particular dietary restrictions? Every small detail you consider will go a long way to make a good impression.

Make a cooking plan

Get organized and have as much ready as possible ahead of time so you can be more relaxed when your guests arrive.

Create the ambiance

Make your experience unique to the feeling you would like to invoke in your guests. Printed menus, flowers, candles, creative seating arrangements, and name tags are just a few ways to customize your event and take guests with you on your culinary journey. Don't forget to set the mood with background music!

Make it spick and span

Make your place sparkle! In the bathroom, put away personal toiletries, set out disposable towels, and take out the trash.

Beginning of the event

A warm welcome

Greeting your guests upon arrival and being ready to bring them upstairs if needed allows them to feel more at ease and comfortable in your home. Make sure they have clear directions on how to arrive at your door!

Offer a welcome drink

Break the ice and make sure you offer your guests a beverage upon arrival. It also opens up the opportunity for guests to mingle before dinner starts.

Give the lay of the land

Offer your guests to put their coats, jackets, and personal belongings in a dedicated space, and show them where the bathroom is. If you have an area available for smokers, make sure you indicate that too. WiFi details should be visible somewhere where the guests can see it, encourage them to connect,  and remind them to @eatwith, so we can re-post or share their posts.

Share your story

Introduce yourself and tell your guests about your story. The Eatwith experience is not only about the cuisine you provide, but also about creating connections with people and sharing more about our stories.

During the event

Describe your menu

Before serving each course, introduce the dish and the inspiration behind it. You can also ask your guests to guess which ingredients were used! It will make people curious and create a friendly conversation. If there is a special way to eat a dish, let your guests know (or simply demonstrate!)
Take them 'behind the scenes' by inviting them to your kitchen and showing them what's in the oven or what’s cooking in the pots.

Be present

Keep the conversation flowing. If your guests are travelers, share some local tips with them. If you can, join your guests at the table.  

Interacting with your guests and learning more about one another is what will make the experience memorable. Keep in mind that guests may feel a bit timid when they first meet you and other guests at the experience so help break the ice by shifting the attention to you to create conversation and then pass the torch to them. Think of a creative way for guests to introduce themselves or simply ask them to share their names and where they are from or what interested them about this EatWith experience.

Photogenic moments? Yes, please!

About to show the guests how you flip the Tarte Tatin onto the plate? Give them a heads up so they can capture the moment and share it later on social media #eatwith

After the event

Stay in touch

Send a thank you message to all your guests. Invite them to leave a review and of course to stay tuned for new menus and pop-up events!

What are your magic hosting tips? Share it with our community.

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