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Refer a Friend: Give €10, get €10
Refer a Friend: Give €10, get €10

All you need to know about sharing Eatwith with your friends

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Spread a whole lot of love by introducing your friends to Eatwith and giving them €10* off their first experience. Once they've attend their event, you'll also receive €10* off your next culinary adventures. Lucky you!

How does the referral program work?

> Step 1: Register on our website
Sign-up to Eatwith and retrieve your personal referral code in your profile.

> Step 2: Share Eatwith with your friends
Share your referral code with your friends by email (you can do this from the Referral a Friend section in your Eatwith profile) or on social media.

> Step 3: Reward and be rewarded
Give your friends €10 to use on any experience over €90 & receive €10 when your friends have attended their experience.

> Step 4: Eatwith & enjoy
Use your referral credit on any Eatwith experience.

How do I use my referral credit?

Referral credit can be used when purchasing an Eatwith experience.
Login to your Eatwith profile and access your referral credit in the "Refer a Friend" section of your profile. 

From the "Your coupons" section, click on "Create a coupon".

You can generate one or more coupons, using all or part of your credit - it's entirely up to you!
Simply enter the value for the coupon you'd like to create (please note that coupon value cannot exceed 60€) and click on "Create coupon".

Your coupon is now available in the Refer a Friend section of your profile. 

To use it, browse the website and find your next Eatwith experience. At checkout out, choose your date, the number of seats and click on "PROMO CODE" to enter your referral coupon code.

Can I cancel a coupon I created by mistake?

You can cancel a coupon by clicking the black cross in the top right-hand corner of your coupon. The coupon amount will be credited back to your referral balance.

Can referral credit be used in addition to other discounts or offers?

You cannot use referral credit in addition to any other on-going offers or discounts.
If you would like to use referral credit, you can apply it at checkout. Please not that referral credit is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.

When will I receive my referral credit?

As soon as your friends have completed their first Eatwith experience, you'll receive referral credit. Sit tight, we're sure they'll be attending an experience soon, and you'll start receiving all the credit you deserve!

Still need help?

Let us know if you have any questions by writing to

*The referral reward is converted depending on the currency you've set in your profile, on the Eatwith website.  Please go to the "Refer a Friend" section in your profile to see the exact reward amount for any other currency.

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