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All you need to know about maximizing your bookings' channels

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Promote your Eatwith experience on social media

Turn your Instagram and Facebook followers into your next guests by promoting your experiences on social media. All you need to do is:

  • Read our guide “How to build your Audience” created by our superstar marketing team and learn how to step up your social media game

  • Make sure to add the link to your experience to your Instagram bio

  • If you want to promote multiple experiences at the same time, we recommend tools to share multiple links like Linktree.

Promote your Eatwith experience on your own website

What will it look like on my website page?

Where can I find it on my dashboard in order to embed it? 

Can I embed it on my website/Blog?

Yes. See our instructions on the booking widget page.

When should I use the 'All my experiences' option?

When you want the tool to include all your published experiences. 

When should I use the 'Selected experiences' option?

If you have designated pages for different experiences on your website or blog or maybe you simply don't want to include one or more of your experiences on the widget tool. 

Will guests be able to book a private event from the booking widget directly?

Yes! The guest will be directed to a request pop-up form, where they will enter their requested date for the private event, the number of guests, etc. which hosts will receive in their Eatwith inbox.

Where will I see the bookings coming from the booking widget?

Just like a regular booking, you'll receive a notification email and you will see it in your inbox and your Eatwith calendar.

Will the payments stay the same as regular Eatwith bookings?

Yes! As the booking will eventually occur on the Eatwith platform, payments will stay the same. 

Can guests contact me through the booking widget directly?

No, guests will be able to send you a message when they get to the booking part.
If you'd like the users to be able to contact you from your website, you can insert a link to your Eatwith profile page.

Does Eatwith charge me for using the booking widget tool?

No. Using the booking widget tool is absolutely free. Bookings coming from your booking widget are Eatwith bookings and will charge the guest the price you set on your Eatwith experience.

Do Eatwith offer widget implementation support?

Of course! For any questions or help feel free to contact us at

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