To create a new experience as a host, log into your profile and in the dropdown menu click on "My Experiences" then "Create a new experience". 

  1. Profile: Fill in all the information about yourself - give lots of details! Guests like to know as much as possible about their potential host. Remember that we only give your contact details and address to the guests once the booking has been validated. Please, remember to Save to continue to following section.

  2. Description: here is where you put all of the information about the event: what type of event and cuisine it is, number of people, price, etc.                               Under the Description section, select the language then press OK: again, write as much detail about your event as possible;                                                          
    Under the Menu section you can add your menu: Select the language then press OK --> Add a course (Appetizer, starter, main course, dessert, etc) --> Add a dish to your course (dish name, description, etc) - there can be more than one! --> Add as many courses and dishes as you like/you are going to prepare!  Click here if you wish to know more about the menu layout.

  3. Photos: You must upload a minimum of 3 pictures to your experience - the higher the quality the better. This is your chance to give your potential guests a first glimpse or their unforgettable experience, so make it count! You can find our photos guidelines here.

  4. Place & Amenities: select the start and end time of your event.
    Select or add the address of the venue you'll be hosting your event at: click on "add a new address" --> enter the full address and the additional information (anything that can help the guests go to the event)  -->  drag the marker to exact place of the event -->  select the amenities -->  name the address so you can select it for your others experiences
    Only once your event has been reviewed and approved you will have access to your calendar, where you will be able to chose when guests can book your delicious event!

Don't forget to click Save and Continue at the end of each page, and once you're ready, Submit your event to be reviewed. 

Please bare in mind that this is a manual process and therefore can take up to 14 days to be reviewed and approved, and your Country Manager will be in contact with you if changes are needed. 

PS. We ask you to enter your payout info before we review your event, so that when the experience is published, you already have everything set. Click here if you wish to know more about where to enter your payment information.

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