If you are already a host and want to create a new experience (meaning you've already created at least one), log into your profile, click on "My Experiences" in your dashboard and then "Create a new experience". 

There are 4 sections to complete. Please, remember to Save before continuing to the following sections.

  1. Profile: Fill in all the information about yourself - give lots of details! Guests like to know as much as possible about their potential host. Remember that we only give your contact details and address to the guests once the booking has been validated.

  2. Description: Here you will include all the information about your experience such as what type of event it is, what cuisine you will serve, the number of people, the price etc. Please write a detailed description of your experience in full sentences and in English.

    There is a simple menu structure for you to fill out - the more information you include, the more excited your guests will be to eat your meal! As well as English, you can create a menu in the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese (simplified and traditional). Click here to learn more about designing your menu.

  3. Photos: We suggest adding between 10-15 photos to your experience - the higher the quality the better. This is your chance to give your potential guests an idea of what they can experience, so make it count! Here are our tips on how to take awesome photos that will motivate your guests to book!

  4. Place & Amenities: Here you can choose the start and end time of your event. You must also add the address of the venue where you'll be hosting. Click on "add a new address", enter the full address and any additional information (anything that might help the guests find the venue) then select the exact address that pops up. You'll also be able to select the amenities available at your venue.

Don't forget to click Save and Continue at the end of each page, and once you're ready, Submit your event to be reviewed by our Community Team. Please bare in mind that this is a manual process and can therefore take up to 14 days to be reviewed and approved. The Community Manager dedicated to your country will get in touch with you if changes to your experience are needed. Once your event has been reviewed and approved, you will be able to access your calendar and start hosting!

Please note that we ask you to enter your payout information before we review your event so that when the experience is published, you already have everything set. Click here for more information about where to enter your payment information.

Already created your new experience but want to make some changes? Check out this article: How can I edit my experience once it has been published?

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