You  are  able to follow-up the payments of your bookings 24-48h after the event*, when we actually send the payment on the “Payment history” tab.

Here are the different status of the payment:

Paid: Payment was successfully sent to your bank or Paypal account. Depending on your bank and your country, it can take up to a few days to see payment reflected in your account.

Pending: Payment is being processed.

 Failed: A payment attempt was made to your account, but it failed. Please confirm your payment details are correct and complete.
Examples of why payment can fail: Missing id document, wrong name, error on the account number.
Confirm your information is correct and up to date in “account settings”.

Once you have updated any missing or incorrect information, be sure to submit the form again and contact our support team at

Please note that payments related to partner bookings will not appear on this page. Contact support for any inquiries here.

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