How can I promote my event?

It can take time to build your brand as a host, but fear not! Here are some tips for promoting your event and growing your brand.

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So before we get into the details of how you can promote your event, let’s answer:

How does Eatwith promote my event?

We have an exceptional marketing team who promote experiences and hosts with potential. From newsletters to paid advertising to partnerships with tour companies, we’ve got it all covered. As a general rule, hosts with more than 4 dates a month and high quality photos will be pushed more. This doesn’t mean hosts with monthly pop-up events won’t get any support from us, you will just be less likely to get deals from partnerships from us.

Do you have your own website? Embed our booking widget!

Make bookings easier by promoting your Eatwith experience on your own website by adding our booking widget.

How do I promote myself?

Get social! Spread the word

Use Instagram and other social media like Facebook and Tiktok to attract existing and future guests to join your table. Pay attention to what hashtags are trending for local and international social events and use them to gain more followers.

Try posting videos or photos of the different stages of a recipe or even of your table setting. Inspire others and let us know by tagging us @eatwith. If you're new to the game, ask your friends to reshare your post — the more the merrier!

Don’t forget to add the link to your experience to your Instagram bio! If you have more than one experience – use linktree!

Photography! Inspire future guests

Check out our photo uploading recommendations. Your photographs are the single most powerful marketing tool you have when offering an online experience. High quality photos of food and social interactions which make viewers feel involved and invited are much more likely to motivate new guests to book! Invite your friends over for a demo experience and ask everyone to take many many pictures!

Create a snowball effect. Invite friends

This relates to the point above – again, invite your friends to dinner! Your personal network is the best place to start promoting your brand as an Eatwith host. Have friends attend your events and leave reviews - the more reviews and the higher rating you have, the more visible your profile will be on Eatwith.

The more people that sign up, the more your experience will look like the coolest club in town with a line around the corner!

Connect with food blogs, groups, forums, websites…

Discover food-related groups on Facebook and forums from people in your area. Sharing your events there can help you get connected with the most enthusiastic foodies. Find and join a Facebook group that matches your experience. Cooking Japanese? Why not join a Facebook group for Japanese food fans in your city. Let others know they can come join your table and meet others over a delicious meal.

Reach out to food writers and bloggers in your area. They love hearing about new foodie trends and might be willing to promote your Eatwith event.

Attend meetups

Many cities have events that bring chefs and foodies together. These are great opportunities to make connections and promote your Eatwith event.

Reminisce with past guests

Write your past guests who live locally and invite them to your next event. If they had a good time the first time round, the second one can only get better.

Reach out to hostels, hotels, local social clubs...

Consider approaching a local hotel/hostel and explaining what you do. Contact us and we’ll arrange a special discount code you can offer them as an incentive.

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