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How will I be reimbursed as a driver?
How will I be reimbursed as a driver?

Learn how automatic cost reimbursements via EEVEE work

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Via EEVEE Mobility you can get reimbursed for your (home) charging costs by your employer. Keep in mind the rates you did set in the app may differ from the actual amount you get reimbursed for This depends on the rate set by the fleet manager.

  • Will my charging costs be reimbursed?

    Please check with your employer if you are being reimbursed for the (home) charging costs.

  • How much is the reimbursement rate?

    Your employer can set a fixed rate, a variable rate based on the CREG-rates or the rate you did set up in your app.

  • How and when will I be paid out?

    Your employer is able to do this manually, automatically or not at all. When done automatically you can expect this around the 30th of the next month, on the condition that your company has paid all invoices. When done manually this depends on your employer, so please check with them.

  • What amount will be reimbursed?

    Your employer decides how much you get reimbursed for. You can check this in the settings of your app by going to Company Settings.

  • Where can I keep track of the payouts?

    You can check the Reports-tab in the app and generate a report to see all previous payouts.

What if I did not get any reimbursement?

Make sure your

  • IBAN (bank account number) is filled in via the app.

  • You did set up a home location so charging sessions are linked to it.

  • You are linked to a fleet (You can check this via the Company settings).

  • Your car is still connected to EEVEE and no task to reconnect your car is shown in the dashboard of the app.

If you still did not get reimbursed, please check with your employer.

Do you have any other question?

Contact your fleet manager or contact us via the Chat-option in our app.

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