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View: Hours as a table

In Eitje, you can consult the time registration in two ways: per team member or as a table. Read more about the hours as a table here.

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When would you choose this view?

  • You can see the hours per team member per day, per week, per month and per salary period.

  • You can see specific hour entries by using filters.

Hour entries are displayed in a table below each other. You determine which hour entries from which period you want to see using filters for the period, teams and status of the hour entries. In this view, you have a lot of flexibility because you can determine the order of the columns yourself and move, hide, or pin columns. You can also easily select multiple hour entries and edit and/or approve them.

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In the top right corner under the 'Group by' button, you can choose the column under which the hour entries should be grouped. For example, you can choose to group the hour entries by team member, by date, or by the status of the hour entries. You can also ungroup a grouped column.


On this page, there are many columns, but you can decide yourself what you do and do not want to see. Through the 'Columns' button in the top right corner, you can check the columns you want to see in the table.

You can click on a column, which will open a menu with options. You can determine the order of the columns by moving them via the 'Move' button. You can hide or pin the column, which will place it at the front. Through this button, you can also choose whether to sort in ascending or descending order and whether you want to group by this column.

This way, you can customise your table yourself, exactly with the information you want to see, in the order you want. Eitje remembers the last set columns and filters, so you can switch pages without losing your setup.


With the 'Tools' button, you can perform several quick actions.

  • Add hours: A window opens so you can add hours to the page.

  • Export hours: A window opens with the ready-made exports of the time registration.

  • Export to Nmbrs: If you use Nmbrs, you can export the hours here.

  • Settings: The window with settings for the time registration opens. You can read more about these settings here.

  • Time settings: Choose the rounding of the start and end time of shifts. This can be down to the minute, or per 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes. This is related to the shifts on the schedule.


In the top left corner you determine the period for which you want to display the hour entries in the table. You can choose per day, per week, per month, per wage period (which you set in the settings), or a custom period.

⚠️ Note: For the custom period, you can select a maximum period of 2 months. Do you want to view hours over a longer period? Then it's best to create an export.


At the bottom of the page, you can apply filters to see more specific hour entries in the table.

You can filter by a team, then you will only see the hour entries of that team. You can also filter by the status of the time entry. This is useful if you want to see only the hours that are 'pending' so you can approve them quickly. Or if you want to see only the sick hours from the previous month.

Difference with schedule

In middle at the top, you can see the difference between the registered hours and the planned hours on the schedule. In the example, there are 105:30 worked hours, which is 38 hours more than what was planned on the schedule.

Approve and edit hours

Edit and approve hours can be done in different ways. One way is to click on an hour entry. A window will open. Read here what everything means.

You can edit the hour entry if necessary and then click 'Approve'.

You can edit or approve hour entries one by one, but it can also be done quicker by selecting multiple hour entries. If you click on the checkbox at the top, then you mark all shifts. If you click next to a grouping, then you mark all the shifts within that grouping, and if you click next to a single shift, you only mark that shift. At the bottom, the 'Perform action' button will appear, where you can choose to edit or approve hour entries. Read more here about editing hours.

⚠️ Note: Approving hours can only be done by the admin or team members with the role 'Approve hours'.

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