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101 - Availability
101 - Availability

The basics of the availability feature explained.

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In order to make the schedule it is helpful to know who is available when.

If you have this feature enabled, team members can submit their availability through their profiel. They can also indicate how many days in a specific week they wish to work.

Options for availability

When specifying availability, team members have three options:

  • Green: Available all day

  • Red: Unavailable all day

  • Orange: Unavailable at (a) specific time(s)

If someone is on leave, you will see a purple dot. A blue dot means the team member is scheduled to work that day.

Team members can also enter the desired number of workdays in a week. This information is useful when making the schedule. You can find this information on the schedule. In case you surpass the amount of shifts indicated, this number will turn red.

Availability on the schedule

How does this reflect on the schedule? On the schedule you find information that will help you schedule and choose the right team member for a shift.

If you are scheduling using the schedule per team, check under the 'Show' button that availability is enabled. You get to see the available and unavailable team members under each other per day. You can drag them to a shift.

If you are scheduling using the schedule per team member, check under the 'Show' button that availability status is enabled. You see the availability of a team member for each day of the week. Or you can see when someone is on leave or sick.

⚠️ Note: If you someone is unavailable, you can still schedule them, but the schedule will indicate that there is a conflict.

Next to the date you can see an open lock, a closed lock or a question mark.

  • Open lock: Team members can submit their availability for this day.

  • Closed lock: Availability cannot be submitted for this day.

  • Question mark: Availability can be submitted, but not for all venues (in case you have multiple venues).

Good to know is that the admin and managers can overrule the availability settings Read more about roles here.

These are the basics of availability. There is more that you can do. For example, you can set up an availability period, the period in which team members can submit their availability and that closes automatically.

You can also set up an automatic lock. This determines how many team members you need at least per team per day. This way you avoid that you have too little team members available on a specific day.

Read everything about availability in the manuals.

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