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View: Schedule per team
View: Schedule per team

In Eitje you can make the schedule per team or per team member. In this article you read more about the schedule per team.

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It is recommended to first read the article about the basics of the schedule. You can then view the schedule in different ways, depending on the information you need.

When would you choose this view?

  • You want to know what the schedule for Team Service looks like.

  • You want to know how many hours are planned for a specific team.

  • You want an overview of all the shifts in the kitchen.

  • You want to see the schedule of two venues under each other.

This article explains the specific functionalities of the Schedule per team view.

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Your team members are divided into teams. In the 'Team settings' you can give each team a colour, so you can easily recognise the different teams on the schedule. Now you can start creating shifts for the different teams.

Revenue forecast

If you have this show option enabled, you will see the revenue forecast under the schedule. In Eitje, the schedule is always a prediction of a certain day. You will find the actual results in the time registration. Read more about revenue in Eitje here.


Under the 'Show' button you can enable and disable the information that you want to see in the schedule.

  • Availability: You get to see the available and unavailable team members under each other per day. You can drag them to a shift.

  • Revenue: If you have this enabled, you see the revenue forecast below the schedule.

  • Event row: At the top you will see a row with the events and the name and time.

  • Weather forecast: This shows the weather forecast for a selected location.

    ⚠️ Note: The forecast is only visible for maximum ten days in advance.

  • Unproductive row: By enabling this option, you see a row at the bottom of the schedule with all absent team members and the reason of absence: sickness or leave.

  • Remarks: If a shift has a remark, this will be visible in the schedule.

  • Shift type: If a shift type was chosen for a shift, this will be displayed in the schedule.

  • Trade requests: If there is a trade request for a shift, you will see an icon next to the shift.

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