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How to Set Up Pricing for Programs or Classes
How to Set Up Pricing for Programs or Classes

Learn the best ways to set up your Class Fee/Pricing

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There are many Pricing structure options. This article will take you step-by-step through the Program Editor and explain the options. If you still need to create a Program, go to this support article first.

Program Options

First, click on the pencil icon next to the Program in the Programs Tab in the My Company settings.

program editor in Enrollsy

Under “Program Options,” enter your Program options (usually Program name, schedule, etc.) and the Location. If you haven’t created these, click this support article to learn how.

program options in Enrollsy

Enrollment Model Section

Choose the Enrollment Model for your Program.

The choices are:

  • Simple - allows for enrollment into a Program only. Class assignment is done by an Admin or Instructor User with permissions.

  • Days Per Week - allows enrollment into the specific day(s) of the week your rules allow for. Each Class in a Days-per-week Program comprises the days of the week.

  • Classes - allows Class selection to be made at the time of enrollment. If this model is chosen, choose the following:

    • Class Selection - Choose if you want Enrollees to be able to choose their Class and/or reschedule their Class.

    • Views - Decide between the following views:

      • List View (Enrollee picks from a list of times for any day)

      • Multi-List View (select from several labeled lists)

      • Week View (choose from a week view calendar)

      • Month View (pick from a month view calendar).

    • Minimum/Maximum Classes - If the Program requires enrollment into a minimum and/or maximum # of Classes, set those, along with any instructions.


Step 1 - Program Cost

Under Pricing, choose either Fixed Cost or Subscription under Program Cost.

choose program cost to enter pricing in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Enter Pricing

Adjust pricing in the following places:

Days per Week

For the Days per Week Enrollment model, you need to do the following additional steps:

  1. Set the enrollment parameters based on the minimum # of days someone can enroll to the maximum # of days. Example: If someone can enroll only 2 days out of 5, set the minimum and maximum days at “2”. Then put in your Tuition, First Tuition, and Last Tuition (even if all are the same).

  2. Add Total Program Cost and/or Payment Plans as above.


For the Classes Enrollment Model, enter these additional steps:

  1. Decide between Per Class or Per # of Credits:

    Pricing logic in Enrollsy
    1. Per Class applies pricing based on the cost of each Class. For example, if the Enrollee decides to enroll in two classes and each Class is priced at $150, the total will be $300.

    2. The # of Credits applies pricing based on the number of credits selected at the time of enrollment. You define what a “credit” costs and set the credit count for each Class. As people enroll, their total due will be calculated based on your credit categories and the pricing you’ve set.

  2. If Pricing is the same for each Class, add Total Program Cost and/or Payment Plans as above.

  3. If Pricing is NOT the same, you will see the following message to set your pricing for each of the Classes:

    Pricing is different for each Class in Enrollsy

    Add any Program Enrollment Fees (applies to the Program, NOT the individual Classes):

    example program enrollment fee in Enrollsy
    1. Head over to the Classes page (accessed from the left menu). Click the down arrow beside the specific Class and then the pencil icon.

      editi class pricing in Enrollsy
    2. Add Total Program Cost and/or Payment Plans as above.

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