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What is a Waitlist?

Waitlists are created at the Program level, so your Waitlist will encompass all the Classes within that Program. The way it works is the Waitlist becomes visible when at least one Class in a Program is full.

Waitlist & Capacity

Capacity is the number of Enrollees who can be on the Waitlist at one time. If you haven't created your Waitlist yet, go here to find out how.

Since a Program can have more than one Class, the Waitlist applies to the Program, not the Class. If you restrict Waitlist entry by capacity, you need to know that the Program capacity is equal to the sum of the Class capacities in that Program. However, the Program capacity DOES NOT include the Waitlist capacity.

If you only want a specific number to be allowed on the Waitlist, set the capacity at that number. At enrollment, no more than the capacity will be allowed into the Waitlist.

waitlist capacity in Enrollsy

NOTE: If you need to close waitlist spots available for enrollment, set the Waitlist capacity at the number of children on the Waitlist.

If no capacity is set on the Waitlist, an unlimited number of Enrollees can enroll in the Waitlist.

Manual Waitlist

If you need to make your Waitlist visible all the time and manually add people, you will need to change this setting: "Enforce enrollment capacities." Go to the My Company page and click on the Enroll Form item in the left menu. Then uncheck the box as seen below.

add capacity in waitlist in Enrollsy\

When you add a Waitlist WITHOUT that setting turned on, you will see this notice (the gray notice comes up when you hover over the red caution icon):

creating a manual waitlist in Enrollsy

If the "Enforce enrollment capacities" setting is NOT on:

  • The Waitlist will NOT show up on the Enroll Form

  • Waitlist spots will NOT be included in Auto-Billing

How to Add a Capacity

  1. Click on the blue pencil icon to edit the Waitlist.

    Edit program waitlist in Enrollsy
  2. When the Waitlist Editor opens, enter the number into the Capacity and click Save.

    Enter Waitlist capacity in Enrollsy

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