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How to Create a "Waitlist" Program
How to Create a "Waitlist" Program

Can't use Enrollsy's waitlist? Here's the steps to create your own

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Enrollsy's current Waitlist feature may not work for some setups. Read more about the Waitlist feature here. If you need any of the following, you may need to make your own Waitlist:

  • Age Restrictions

  • Enrollees Table/Report

  • Pricing

  • Start Date

  • Specific Link

Here's how to create a "Waitlist" Program:

Step 1 - Choose Level

First of all, you will need to decide which level you want the waitlist to be. It can be at the "Enrollment Period" level or Program level. If you choose the Enrollment Period level, you can create a new Enrollment Period and call it "Registration Waitlist" or whatever you want.

If you choose the Program level, you may have to create a new Program Option that incorporates your Waitlist option. Some examples:

  • Add the Waitlist option under your Program Name Program Option

  • Create a Program Option called Program or Class Type and add the Waitlist option

  • Create a Program Option called "Enrollment Option" and add a Waitlist option (as shown below)

Class Level Workaround

If you need a Waitlist at the Class level, here is a workaround:

  • Add a field to your general Enroll Form or add a Program Form field that asks which Class they want to enroll in. If you opt for the Program Form, the question will have to be attached to that Program.

  • Create a custom Report from the Enrollees Table that includes the Enroll Form/Program Form Class field

We hope to add a Class-Level Waitlist to our product sometime in the future.

Step 2 - Create Program/Class

Depending on which option you chose above, you will now need to create Classes under each Waitlist Program (or create Programs and Classes under the Waitlist Enrollment Period).

Step 3 - Free or Fee?

Click here to learn how to create a free program.

If you need to add a waitlist fee or registration fee, you can do that under the Pricing section in the Program editor. If the fee is a one-time fee, just add it under "What is the total Program cost?" Be sure to publish the pay-in-full option by clicking the eye icon.

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