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How to Re-enroll an Enrollee While Keeping the Current Enrollment History
How to Re-enroll an Enrollee While Keeping the Current Enrollment History

How to move Enrollees to a new Enrollment Period and/or Program

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When an Enrollee "moves up" or "ages up" into another Class or Program, how do you move that Enrollee into the new Class or Program? You need to answer a fundamental question: Does the current Program/Class enrollment history need to be preserved?

If the answer to that question is NO, stop reading this article and go to this one: How to reassign an Enrollee to a different Class list or Program. If the answer is yes, please follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Deactivate current enrollment

You can either go directly to the Enrollee (search for their name in the Search Bar) or click on their name on the Enrollees page or under a Class.

Under the Enrollee's current enrollments, you will see the Program/Class the Enrollee is currently enrolled in. Once turned off, a switch "deactivates" the current enrollment. See more about what happens when you deactivate an account here.

deactivate enrollment in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Enroll the Enrollee in the new Program/Class

After deactivating the current enrollment, now you can enroll the Enrollee in the new Program/Class by clicking on the Enroll [Enrollee's Name] button and going through the Enroll Form until you get to the Program section and choose the new Program.

See How to enroll someone as an Admin for more instructions.

Step 3 - (optional) Move Unassigned Enrollees to new Class

If you are not allowing Class selection from the Enroll Form, be sure to go to the Classes page and move your Unassigned Enrollee into the new Class:

move unassigned enrollee to a new class in Enrollsy
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