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If your Classes don't meet for a period of time (for example, Christmas Break), and you need to give Enrollees credit, you can do this all at once.

Suppose you need to charge Enrollees for a field trip; there is no need to do one-by-one. Or, if you need to put in cash payments for a whole class, you can do that easily.

Step 1 - Select Accounts

Go to the Classes page from the side menu and find the Class to which you need to apply a transaction. Click the down arrow (see red arrow below) on the far-right side. Select the rows from the list of enrollments that need a transaction posted to their accounts.

posting a transaction to more than one Account in Enrollsy

Step 2 - Bulk Transaction

Review the selected accounts list and click the Bulk Transaction button to set up the transaction.

Post transaction to selected accounts in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Post Charge

You will see the accounts at the top of the transactions will post to. Below that, under Set Up Transaction, click Post charge (payment or credit).

bulk transactions in Enrollsy

Step 4 - Enter Memo

Enter the Invoice memo with a note about the credit (see the example below). You will have a chance to review the batch results after you click "Post."

set up a transaction in Enrollsy

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