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The major carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T) increased their rates for texting on July 1, 2021. These fees are passed through to Enrollsy by our service provider. Therefore, we are enforcing our standard pricing for texting.

Enrollsy Text Message Pricing

Standard limits and pricing for texting are as follows:

  • Starter Plans - 500 messages/mo + 1.5¢ per message after 500

  • Pro Plans - 1,000 messages/mo + 1.5¢ per message after 1,000

  • Enterprise Plans - 2,000 messages/mo + 1.5¢ per message after 2,000

Text Message Billing

Enrollsy bills each client monthly for overages during the previous month.

For example, if you are on a Pro Plan and send 3,000 text messages in July, you will be billed an additional $30, or 2,000 x 1.5¢ (the first 1,000 are included in your plan) in August.

To see how many text messages you've sent in the current or past month, you can go to the Reports page and scroll to the bottom to the Messages report:

Bulk Text Messaging

NOTE: Bulk texts have a maximum of 160 characters; if you go over 160 characters, Enrollsy will warn you that you are sending multiple billable message segments per recipient, and you have to approve that. See our warning message below:

greater than 160 characters SMS text messages in Enrollsy

See this support article for more information about group texting. We hope to have better reporting on the number of these text message segments sent because of large messages split into multiple segments.

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