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How to Log In to the Customer Portal
How to Log In to the Customer Portal

Get started in Enrollsy by downloading the app and getting logged in

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You have two ways to access your Account:

  • Enrollsy App/Customer Portal

  • Account Sign-In Link

NOTE: You must already be enrolled in a Program to sign in! Please DO NOT go to Enrollsy's website to sign in.

Enrollsy App/Customer Portal

Download the Enrollsy app from one of the following:
- Apple App Store
- Google Play

Once the app is downloaded, log in with the SAME email address you used to enroll. If you don't know which email you used, please contact the company you enrolled with.

Account Sign-In Link

You can also log in using a browser - we recommend Chrome or Safari. Please contact the company you enrolled with for the account sign-in link. If the link is available on the company website, go there. DO NOT go to Enrollsy's website to sign in.

NOTE: The Account Holder can simultaneously sign in to their Enrollsy account on more than one device.

Common Email Issues Affecting Log In

The Primary Account Holder will need to use the SAME email address used to enroll with. If you don't remember the email address you used to enroll, please contact your school Admin.

The same Account Holder can only have ONE email address on an Enrollsy Account. There CAN NOT be a second email address associated with any other Account. If there is, you will not be able to log in. For example, you are a Primary Account Holder for one account and a Secondary Account Holder for another using the same email address.

We have a feature called Shared Access that allows a Primary Account Holder to add additional people who can independently sign in using their email address. Learn more about that feature here.

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