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How to Access your Enrollsy Bill
How to Access your Enrollsy Bill

Learn how to access your Enrollsy billing account and pay your subscription

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As an Admin user, you can log in to Enrollsy's Customer Portal to access your account and subscription with us.‍ In short, you have two logins:

Enrollsy Admin User Account

You have an Enrollsy admin user account to log into to use the application. You cannot manage your subscription with us from the app.

You can sign in to the Enrollsy app from this URL:

Enrollsy Customer Account

You also have the Enrollsy customer account that you can use to see your transaction history, pay your bill, and update your payment method. Our customer portal will have Enrollsy's logo at the top.

How to log into your Enrollsy subscription account to see your transaction history:

  • You can sign in to your Enrollsy customer account from this URL:

  • Once logged in, you can click "Transaction History" to see your statement and explanation of charges.

enrollsy customer account


  • If you are an active Enrollsy customer, your account (and a temporary, unknown password) was created when you signed up. If this is your first time logging in, please click "Request Password" to set a password.

  • If you are having issues resetting your password and are sure you are using the same email address you signed up with, please check your spam/junk folder (and then add to your email contacts list). Only the most recently generated reset password email will be valid.

  • Read this article for help in changing your bank/card information.

  • If you don't know whose email address your Enrollsy account is under, please contact us with the chat button and we can let you know.

For Frequently Asked Questions, see Admin FAQs.‍

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