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How to Reset the Password for your Enrollsy Subscription Account
How to Reset the Password for your Enrollsy Subscription Account

How to reset the password to access your Enrollsy Billing Account

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You have an Enrollsy admin user account to log into to use the application. You cannot manage your subscription with us from the app.

You can sign in to the Enrollsy app from this URL: Follow these troubleshooting steps before reaching out to support:

Reset Password

Click the Setup/Reset Password button at the bottom of the Account Sign-In page. This is what the Account Sign In should look like:

Verify Email Address

Did you receive the password reset email and click the "Request Password" button but still have issues? Verify your login email address to ensure it is the same email address on your Admin profile.

Reset Password Email

‍If you clicked the "Request Password" button, did you receive the password reset email? If not, do the following steps:

  • Go through the process one more time and recheck your email. You will often receive a password reset email but not click on it soon enough (password reset emails expire in 2 hours for security reasons).

  • Please look in your inbox/junk/spam folders.

  • If neither of the steps above works, please whitelist by following these instructions.

  • Remember: When a reset password email is generated, only the most recent email's link will work to reset the password. Generating many reset password emails in a row is not advised because doing so will invalidate previously generated emails.

‍If you've tried all of these and still can't log in, contact Enrollsy to get additional help.

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