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How to Use the "Add" Button in the Unassigned Section
How to Use the "Add" Button in the Unassigned Section

Learn how to add Enrollees to the Unassigned List on the Classes page

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The "Add" button on the Classes page in the Unassigned section allows you to search for and add an Enrollee straight to the Unassigned list.

If you select the checkbox, it will send an enrollment confirmation email upon adding the Enrollee.

add enrollee to unassigned in Enrollsy

Tooltips are on the "Assign," "Re-enroll," and "Add" buttons showing additional information about what that button does.

assign enrollee in Enrollsy

Assign Enrollee to Class(es)

re-enroll enrollee in Enrollsy

Re-assign Enrollee to a different Program

add enrollee in Enrollsy

Add Enrollee to the Unassigned List

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