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Assigning & Moving Enrollees
How to Move an Enrollee to a Different Day
How to Move an Enrollee to a Different Day

Learn how to add and remove Enrollees within a Days per Week Class

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On the Classes page, the Class lists ALL Enrollees for a Program that is set up with Days-per-week pricing. Below that list will be the individual days of the week and the Enrollees are enrolled each day:

days per week class in Enrollsy

Please follow the steps below if an Enrollee needs to be removed from one Day or added to a different Day within the SAME Class.

-Day (Remove)

To remove an Enrollee from a Day, select the Enrollee(s) and click the "-Day" button. Click "Remove from [Day]." That Enrollee will no longer show in the Day but will still be in the Class list at the top.

NOTE: No Enrollees are moved to unassigned unless they are "Reassigned."

remove enrollee from a day in Enrollsy

+Day (Add)

To add an Enrollee to another Day, go to the main list at the top, select the Enrollee, and click the "+Day" button to add the Enrollee to another Day.

add an enrollee to a day in Enrollsy
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