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Can I Enroll If I Have an Enrollsy Account?
Can I Enroll If I Have an Enrollsy Account?

A current Account Holder can use their Enrollsy email address to enroll again

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When a current Account Holder/Customer enrolls and enters the same email address they currently have on their existing Enrollsy Account; the system will prompt them to load their current information:

customer with an Enrollsy account

The Customer will need to press "Load customer" to use their current email. When that happens, the system will input all the Customers' current information into the Enroll Form. If the Customer chooses "Cancel," they must fill out the Enroll Form anew. None of their information will load into the Enroll Form.

NOTE: If the Account Holder's email address has CHANGED, and they have an Enrollsy Account, an Admin should change the email address on their side. Then the Account Holder should log in using the new email address.

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