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FAQs Asked By Customer/Account Holders

Frequently Asked Questions Company Account Holders ask answered

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How do I contact Enrollsy Support?

If you are a Customer of a company (a.k.a., you or your child is enrolled in a company that is one of our clients), please reach out to the company you are enrolled with and speak to one of their administrators first. If needed, that administrator can contact us via chat or email with your issue.

How do I reset my password?

Go to either the Enrollsy app on your phone OR the link provided by the company you are enrolled with (do not try to sign in or reset your password from

Click Reset Password. You should receive an email to reset your password. If you can't find the email, click here to troubleshoot.

How do I enroll?

Click the menu and then Enroll. You can also re-enroll an existing Enrollee. For more information, see How to Enroll and Re-Enroll in Customer Portal.

How do I make a payment?

Click the menu in the top right, and then choose Home. Click on Make Payment. Select the Invoice(s) you are paying or enter a custom amount. Enter the method of payment and "Submit." See How to make payments in the Customer Portal if you need more details.

How do I print a statement?

You can easily view and/or print transaction statements from the Customer Portal. Click the menu in the top right, then Transactions. Click either the export or the printer icon and follow the instructions. For more details, see these support articles:

How do I download/upload a Document?

If you have any outstanding Documents that need to be signed, uploaded, or downloaded, they will appear at the very top of the Customer Portal. Click on the red band at the top of the portal to see a list of Documents needed.

To download, select the blue button to the right to download the Document to your computer. To upload, click on "Upload," and a window will open. Find your Document, click on it, and then click "Open." This will upload the Document to your Account. See How to Download or Upload a Document for more details.

How do I sign the enrollment packet?

When the company you're enrolled with sends you a Document to sign, you will receive an email. Open the email to view and sign the Document. NOTE: For multiple signers, the system first sends the Document to the first Signer's email. After the first Signer signs the Document, then the system sends it to the second Signer's email. See this article for more info: How to Receive and Complete E-signature Documents.

How do I view Activities?

Click the menu in the top right, and then select Activities. Select the Enrollee whose timeline you want to see. Scroll down to see a list of activities by date. See How to View and Log Activities for instructional videos.

How do I view Class Content?

Click the menu in the top right, and then choose Content. If there is more than one Enrollee, click on the Enrollee's name to view any Content. "Content" includes YouTube, Vimeo, meeting links (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.), or any web link. See How to View Shared Content for instructional videos.

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