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How to Add or Edit Credits on a Customer Account
How to Add or Edit Credits on a Customer Account

Learn how to adjust Credits, Prepayments or Gift Cards

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Gift Cards/Prepayments

Under "Gift Cards & Prepayments" you can add or view any gift card credits or prepayments. All other credits will show up on the Invoice they are added to.

Select "Gift Cards or Prepayments" on that Customer's Account to open up the history window. Admins will be able to edit or delete Gifts Cards or Prepayments here. Select the pencil icon to edit a credit. Click the trashcan icon to delete a credit.

Post Transaction Buttons

You can post another type of Credit (Misc. or any other credit you set up creating a Discount Item) in two ways:

  1. Plus Button

    Click the plus button on the left sidebar beside Invoices. Follow the outlined steps below to post a Credit.

  2. Post Transaction Button

    On a customer's Billing page, click the "Post Transaction" button in the upper right corner then follow the outlined steps below to post a Credit.

The following are the steps on how to post a Credit for one or more Accounts:

Step 1 - Click "Post Credit" from the menu.

Step 2 - Search for Account(s)

A new window will open where you can search the Account(s). You have the option to post a Credit for one Account or you can add another Account by selecting "Add another Account":

After adding all the Accounts, click Next.

Step 3 - Post Credits

Enter the credit amounts beside each Account, or select the button "$ Set all to..." to enter one amount for all Accounts listed.

Click Next to continue.

Step 4 - Setup Transaction

Under this section, you can choose to post a Credit along with the Invoice by clicking the box beside "Post Credit."

Enter the following information:

  • Classification (your company name)

  • Public comment (comments here the customer can view)

  • Private comment (comments here are office-only comments)

Select the Discount/Credit Item from the list (or create a new Discount Item).

Step 5 - Result Page

The next page will give you the results of the post. If the post works, it will show a green checkmark.

NOTE: Editing on transactions older than 18 months will be restricted.

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