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Merchant Fees

Review fees associated with an Enrollsy Credit Card and ACH accounts

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To accept payment from your customers through Enrollsy, you will be setting up both Credit Card and ACH Merchant Accounts through EnrollsyPay. EnrollsyPay partners with TillPayments for Credit Card processing and ACHQ for ACH processing. Both of these companies have competitive processing rates, as outlined below.

Fees Charged:

ACHQ (Electronic Check)

Transaction Type


Transaction Fee

$1.00 per settled ACH transaction

Implementation Setup Fee

$49 charged once

Set Up Fee

$7.50 per month

Returned Fee


Unauthorized Transaction


TillPayments (Credit Card)

Transaction Type


Processing Rate

2.8% of settled CC payment

Transaction Fee

5¢ per settled CC payment


Batch Settlement Fee

25¢ once per batch of settled transactions

PCI & Breach Assist

$5 per month

Service Fee

$5 per month

Bank Deposit Reject Fee

$25 each

Chargeback / Retrieval Fee

$20 each

PCI Non-Compliance Fee

$25 per month (if not compliant)

Service Fee

$5 per month

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