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How does ESHYFT calculate overtime pay?
How does ESHYFT calculate overtime pay?
Written by Hannah May
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ESHYFT supports overtime pay when a CNA, STNA, LNA, GNA, LPN, or RN works more than 40 hours in a single week. Please note weeks at ESHYFT are calculated Sunday, 12 am - Saturday, 11:59 pm.

When reviewing applicants for your shift in the 'APPLIED' tab of the 'SHIFTS' section of the ESHYFT for Facility Managers App, you will note an ‘OVERTIME’ box. If during your shift the applicant will hit or surpass 40 hours, we indicate this in the 'OVERTIME' box with a checkmark. If the box has a red 'X' there is no overtime. Additionally, the box will have an hourly rate in red text if the nurse will be on overtime for that shift.

If you accept an applicant that will go into overtime, we will give you a secondary warning with the overtime rate.

How is overtime calculated?

We calculate the overtime rate as x1.5 (time and a half) of the hourly rate of the shift to which the nurse or aide applied for and became in overtime.

  • For example: If a nurse going into overtime applies for and is approved for a shift that pays $25/hr, they will actually be paid $37.50/hr.

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