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Sales Pipeline Phase Length
Sales Pipeline Phase Length

Set the length of your sales pipeline phases to drive sales velocity

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Sales velocity is the measurement of how quickly deals move through the phases in your sales pipeline until they can be invoiced

Phase lengths (i.e: leads, contact made, proposal sent, etc) depends on your particular business model/industry.

When a 'deal/opportunity' takes too long to move to the next sales phase the user is prompted to take action via a traffic light colour coding system.

Tiles change from blue to orange and then to red based on the thresholds specified in each sales phase

Set Phase Days

Click on the settings menu > phases

Enter the number of days within each phase days to reach the orange threshold and red threshold

Colour coding within your sales pipeline:

Blue: All is well, this company/opportunity is progressing through your pipeline within the expected timeframe

Orange: This company/opportunity is taking slightly longer than expected to move to the next Phase in your Pipeline

Red: This company/opportunity is taking longer than expected to move through your pipeline

Activity symbols also prompt action if they are overdue or nothing has been planned to win the business

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