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Fast Bundle is slowing down my shop. How do I fix this?
Fast Bundle is slowing down my shop. How do I fix this?

This article is aimed to show how you can stop Fast Bundle from running on some parts of your shop that are not needed.

Updated over a week ago

Why has my site speed decreased after installing Fast Bundle?

We've received reports from customers noticing a decrease in site speed after installing Fast Bundle. While some slowdowns are natural and unavoidable with the addition of any new app due to resource usage, we've taken steps to minimize this impact.

How can I improve my site speed after installing Fast Bundle?

To help mitigate the decrease in speed, you can adjust your settings so that Fast Bundle does not load on your homepage. Here’s how to do it:

Disable Fast Bundle on the homepage:

Navigate to your Shopify Admin > Online Store > Theme > Customize > App Embeds,

You'll see an option that says "Don't load the app on the homepage".

Check this box while the app is active on the theme.

By doing this, Fast Bundle will not run on your shop's homepage, which will improve your site speed. However, please note that this will also prevent bundle widgets from being displayed on the homepage via "Fast Bundle Blocks".

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