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Feedbackly’s Summary page view combines the key results of your surveys.

When opening the Summary Dashboard, the results are shown from the last 7 days. If you want to change the time range, click "Filters" in the top right corner.

In the same "Filters" button, you can also filter data for each specific survey. Thereby, you can review the surveys you want to see in more in detail.

Below the "Summary dashboard" text you can see the general trends:

Average satisfaction: Average satisfaction in the filtered surveys in the selected time range

Number of responses: The amount of responses in the filtered surveys within the selected time range

NPS: The NPS score from the selected time range and from the selected surveys

Average satisfaction in organization: Satisfaction in the organization surveys where are satisfaction questions 

Number of responses in organization: The total amount of responses in your organization

NPS in organization: NPS score in the whole organization. The score considers all the surveys where exist NPS questions 

The comparison in each part is made between the exact previous time range. For example, if you filter October as a time range, the comparison is made to September etc.

Below the general view of trends, you can see graphs of the key KPIs: number of responses, average satisfaction, as well as a daily NPS graph.

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