First make sure by logging in to the Dashboard that you have published a survey to your iPad

You can check this quickly by going to the Touchpoints tab from the left hand side panel. Then select "Feedbackly Terminals" in the top bar.

Check from your list of touchpoints that there is an active survey on your iPad.

If the 'Active survey' row is empty, you need to publish a survey. You can find the instructions for doing this here

Note: If you have launched a survey to your iPad and the app is still showing the loading screen there probably is a network issue and the iPad needs to be rebooted to restore network connection. There is a couple of different ways to do this: 

A) If you have a feedback device: Press and hold the power button and the home button at the same time for about 10 seconds until the display turns off. The feedback device will then start automatically and you can reopen the Feedbackly application.

B) If you have a feedback device or a feedback device on a stand: Press the home key. Note that if you are using the Feedbackly feedback device stand, use a clip. Then go to the "Other" folder and open "Settings" and go to "General". Select "Reset" and then "reset network settings". This turns the feedback device off and on again. You can then restart the Feedbackly application.

Note! If you have a feedback device and applock on, then you should take the cord off the wall and wait approximately 12 hours for the battery to discharge. Then turn on the feedback device again to restart the feedback device. If necessary, try different plugs, as some plugs may not have enough power.

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