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Build your customer journey map
Build your customer journey map

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Create a dynamic and interactive customer journey map for each key business area in your company. Once you’re done, you will have a dynamic and interactive customer journey map to build your CX strategy on. With the Feedbackly customer journey you can get a bird’s-eye view of your entire customer journey. You'll get a better understanding where and why your customers churn.

You can also utilize customer journey tool in employee experience as well!

  1. Go to "Customer Journey" tab on the left hand side of the management panel and click "New Journey"

2. Start off with giving it a name and choosing the KPI you want to measure

3. Next define the stages of your customer journey and choose the surveys and touchpoints you want to include in each stage. In each survey, you can decide which questions are used to calculate the chosen KPI. Each survey should have at least one question eligible for the selected KPI. Read more about the KPIs here

Note that you can choose as many stages as needed to complete your customer journey!

4. Once you are done with defining the stages you can move to the upper right corner of the page and click "Save". Note that you can edit your customer journey later or create entirely new customer journeys

5. You are the all set! After you have gotten feedbacks you will be able to view your customer journey on the same page. You can easily check the scores of each stage to know which areas of your business needs attending to

If you don't yet have the Feedbackly customer journey, but would be interested in taking advantage of it, please contact our customer support either via chat or by emailing and we will help you!

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