The use of applications is constantly increasing, so adding a survey(s) to an application is a good way to improve the customer experience. In this way, the company can get information about customer experiences at an important stage in the customer journey.

Follow these steps to add a survey to the app

1. Create a Web Widget in the Feedbackly Dashboard

(Instructions for creating and publishing a survey can be found here)

2. Ask your company's tech team to install the Web Widget in the application according to the instructions (more detailed instructions for the technology team below)

3. Define which triggers / settings opens the survey in the application (whether it is behind a certain button press, etc.). In addition, you need to specify what metadata you want to include about the user

These instructions should be passed on to the technical team:

A. How to add a web plugin script to your website

B. How to use the API and customer properties on widgets:

C. Instructions for implementing Feedbackly in the application: Instructions available from Feedbackly Customer Support. You can contact customer support via the chat found on the product or at and we will help with that.

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