Contact Lists

You can take advantage of contact lists for email and SMS campaigns. You can view contact lists starting from "Collect" and then continuing to the "Touchpoints" view and selecting the "Contact Lists" tab.

When you click on an already created contact list, you can edit the contacts in the list, export all contacts to CSV, edit the visual appearance, and the privacy policy. You can also add your custom logo or emit metadata.

In addition, from this page you can add contacts from the "Upload Contacts" button. If you wish, you can delete more than one selected contact from the "Bulk Actions" button, or you can delete individual contacts from the "Trash" button on the right side of the page.


You can also enrich the feedback you will be collecting by adding metadata to your contact list, read more on metadata here.

Remember to save your changes after editing!

Unsubscribe List

With the unsubscribe list you can view, delete and export contacts that have unsubscribed from receiving emails from you.

You can find the "Unsubscribe List" by starting from "Collect" and selecting "Touchpoints" and then "Contact Lists" and finally "Unsubscribe List".

The "Unsubscribe List" shows all the persons and their emails that have selected to unsubscribe from receiving emails from you and when they have chosen to do so.

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