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Bringing back an Inactive customer - how to bring back the Work Orders
Bringing back an Inactive customer - how to bring back the Work Orders

Sales > Work Orders > Archive, filter the dates into the future

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When you change a customer's status to Inactive, all the Work Orders are deleted from the Work Order tab as a measure to keep work from unnecessarily being scheduled.

Key Points

  • Comparing Inactive status to Financial Hold status

  • Bringing the customer back to Active

  • Bringing back the Work Orders

  • Updating customer settings before making the account inactive

Note Financial Holds preserves Work Orders in the Work Orders tab. If you want to keep the Work Orders in the customer's account, place the customer on Financial Hold.

If you bring a customer back from Inactive you'll need to bring back the work orders, if it's the same service being continued. 

In the following example a customer with a monthly service became inactive, and then became active on July 30, 2018. 

Bringing the customer back to Active:

  1. In the Tag Pane on the left, click Inactive

  2. Find the customer and click the customer's name

  3. In the customer's billing page, click the Edit button in the top center of the page

  4. Next to Status, click Inactive, and then click Active

  5. Click Save in the upper-right corner

Bringing back the Work Orders:

  1. Go to the Dashboard > Sales > Work Orders

  2. Click Work Orders in the upper-left corner of the browser, click Archived

  3. Filter the From and To date range

  4. Using the date above, you'd filter From July 30, 2018 and To September 30, 2019*

  5. Enter the customer's name

  6. Click Filter

  7. Select all the Work Orders you want to bring back
    If you want to bring them all back, click the check box to the left of Status

  8. Click the Bulk Actions button

  9. Click Restore

* It's always a good idea to filter an extra month or two just to make sure you get them all.


Before making the customer Inactive, you can also create a PDF of the Work Order, save it, and attach it as a note.

Follow these steps to save the Work Orders for future reference:

  1. Click the printer icon to the right of the work order

   2. Save the pdf file to your hard drive
   3. Click Create a New... Note
   4. Click Choose File
   5. Upload the Work Order PDF file
   6. Explain what you're doing in the notes section
   7. The information is stored in the Notes tab

8. Put the customer on Inactive Status

The work order will disappear from the work order tab and the PDF file of the Work Order will still be in the Notes tab.

Note You can also copy the billing and service information into the location Sticky Note for when the time comes to activate the customer. You'll have the information. 

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