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Managing Customers
Managing Customers
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Adding multiple email addresses to an accountAdd a contact if more than one person needs to receive an Invoice or Work Order email
Adding Customers - importing from another programUse our example file; contact us if you need assistance
Appointment reminders - as per account settingsIt's not your customer's account, it's yours
Appointment Reminders - customer doesn't want themStop email and text appointment reminder messages from being sent to specific customers
Appointment reminders - Send button not available in the Work OrderOpen the Work Order and click Send Reminder
Blueprint EditorOur diagramming tool
Bringing back an Inactive customer - how to bring back the Work OrdersSales > Work Orders > Archive, filter the dates into the future
Canceling a customer - drop-down box is emptyCreate the reasons in Settings/Cancellation Reasons
Communication to customers - disable global settingsHow to disable email and text communications to all customers
Contacts - adding from Customer/Location pagesWhat is the difference between add contacts in the Customer page vs Service Location page?
Customer emails - who gets what?It's centered around the Billing and Location pages
Custom fields - how to export and analyzeExport your customer list and look at columns AZ, BA, BB...
Default property typeDon't worry about forgetting to change Choose Property Type...
Deleted customer - accidentallyHow to get it back
Error Message - Invoice email is invalid, please provide correct email or leave it blankWhen trying to add two email addresses in the Billing or Location page
Error Message - This new Customer appears to be a duplicateHow to resolve adding a customer whose name is already in Fieldwork
The Fieldwork DashboardHigh-level overview of your business though 9 Widgets
Emails - don't provide links to view or pay onlineUpdate your document templates
Location page - [x] Same as billing addressWhen editing an existing customer it does not populate address fields
Map Location PinManually move a pin to a new location
Marketing Campaigns - getting startedCreate email and marketing campaigns to grow your business
Marketing Campaigns - how did you find usTrack how your customers are finding you
Marketing Campaign - use to generate online customer reviewsGreat Reviews = more business
Merged account now has a credit/balance - the fix before the moveEdit the Payments before the move, it'll be a lot easier
Merged account now has a credit/balance - the fix after the moveOne payment paid multiple invoices; not all invoices moved to the new account; payment moved to new account
Negative online review - how to see who sent itAnd how to respond to it.
Move a Location to another accountMove a location to a new or existing customer account
Online Reviews - getting startedCompleting the Online Review page
Online Reviews - how to create my review sitesActivating Online Reviews starts with creating social media online review sites
Online Reviews - how to testDon't test the same Work Order or Invoice
Online Reviews - some are not viewable1, 2, and 3-star reviews do not go online
Phone number - adding a second one to a customerAdd a second mobile phone number to receive text messages
Preparing for your NYSDEC Report submissionInstructions on how to submit your annual pesticide use report
Service Locations - how to set up different locations in one account & manage the service location statusFor customers who have two or more locations, manage all service locations in one customer account
Shared Notes & DocumentsAdd Notes & Documents to a customer's account for viewing on the Customer Portal
Show All Changes AuditingSee the history of updates to just about anything
Tags - getting startedTags are words you use for grouping customers together
Tags - special purposesUse Tags to identify special requests such as credit limit
Tags - using in an email marketing campaignUse tags to focus your email marketing campaigns to specific customers
Text messages - customer isn't receivingThe phone 'type' selected must be Mobile
Text response confirmations - customer must reply with the word confirmNot C, not Yes, not Oke Doke...
Weather Delay - tell your customers you can't perform exterior serviceMass emailing many customers can be faster than calling