Mobile app - creating a new Work Order

Create Work Orders in the mobile app while out of the office

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Create a new Work Order by entering the same information as you would within the Fieldwork Online Portal. 

Key Points

  • From the Calendar tap the + sign in the upper right

  • Choose the customer and location

  • Choose the date and time

  • Choose the service

  • Enter any special instructions

To create a New Work Order:

  1. In the Calendar tap the plus symbol in the upper right (New Work Order)

  2. Tap Choose Customer and select the customer

  3. Tap Choose Service Location… to select the location

  4. Tap in the correct Date and Time for the service

  5. To add Line Items, tap + Add

  6. If this is a Service you’re adding, tap the text box under service and then tap the
    name of the service

  7. If this is a Material or Other item, tap Service and tap Material or Other

  8. Tap Name to access the name of the Material, or for Other, type in the information

  9. Tap the number amount if more than 1

  10. Tap the dollar amount to change it, if necessary

  11. Tap Taxable if this is taxable

  12. Tap Save

  13. Type in any Service Instructions

  14. Tap Save 

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