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Display aspects of a location for appointments in the calendar

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When you schedule an appointment in the calendar you can see the name of the person or location name (depending upon your settings) and you will also see the location Sticky Note.

Key Point

  • Adjust the display to show the address, city, zip code, location name,  and/or customer name.

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Settings gear icon.

  2. Put a check mark in [X] Show location name instead of customer on schedule and work pool

Click the Placeholders that you want to appear in the appointment in the Calendar:
{zip}  {city}  {address}  {location_name}  {customer_name} {account_number}. Separate each with a space.

You might not want them all as it gets crowded on the shorter appointments, so play with this to see which ones provide the most information to you. The example below shows {location_name}, {address}, {city}, {zip}.

Tip Place a space in between each placeholder for easier reading in the Calendar.

Note This is a global setting for all users, whatever is selected here is how all users looking at the calendar will see it. 

Also watch this video.

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