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Calendar - getting started
Calendar - getting started

Use the Calendar to manage your appointments and routes

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The Calendar is a visual guide to your schedule and routes.

Key Points

Use the Calendar to see:

  • Day, Week and Month Views

  • Work Pool and Missed appointments

  • The stops for all your routes or individual routes

  • Stops that are geographically close so you can schedule them to one route

  • Where your techs are

Use the Calendar to create:

  • New Work Orders

  • Blocked time for your techs

  • Printouts of a tech's schedule

  • Printouts of a tech's Work Orders

  • Printouts of a tech's route sheet

  1. From the Dashboard, click Calendar

  2. The calendar shows all your scheduled appointments

  3. In the upper-left portion of the page, click, Day, Week, or Month and your Calendar view will change accordingly

To move to the back and forth around the calendar

  • click the < or > buttons in the upper-right to move back and forth, click Today to go to today

To move an appointment to a new day/time 

  • in week or month view, click and hold the time of that appointment and drag it to the new day/time and drop it

To view the Work Order

  • double-click it

To view the highlights of the Work Order

  • single click it

A popup window appears and provides location information, phone numbers, email addresses, type of account, time preference, location Sticky Note, techs, Work Order number, date of the appointment, frequency, line items, invoice total and account balance.

  • Click Edit to edit the Work Order

  • Click Edit Series to edit the Series

  • Click Close to close this popup window

To create a Work Order in Day/Week view

  • click your mouse on the day and start time, drag it down to the end time, and release the mouse button; the Work Order appears

To create a Work Order in Month view

  • double-click your mouse on the day of the appointment

To view the routes

  • click the Filters button in the upper right and click Calendars - click the check box next to the technician or route you want to see, click all of them to see all of them

For more information about the Calendar filters, see Calendar Filters.

To view the Work Pool and missed appointments

  • click the Work Pool & Missed button in the upper right

To expand the Work Pool and Missed list, click Filter List. You can expand or narrow the list by filtering:

  • Customer name

  • Address, city or Zip Code

  • Date

  • Status

  • Route

  • Frequency

  • Service Type

To print a route:

  • Click the printer icon in the upper right (highlighted by the white arrow)

In the Print Work Orders dialog box select the route, date range to print, and select any of the three options to print. Select the number of copies (usually one is enough). If the number of Work Orders is less than 20 the system generates a PDF file and places it in your downloads folder. If it is more that that it will appear in your email. 

To schedule a Work Pool 

  • click the Work Pool button, click and hold the Work Pool appointment and drag it to the time/date you want, and drop it

To schedule a missed appointment

  • click the Missed button, click and hold the missed appointment and drag it to the time/date you want, and drop it

Also watch these two videos:

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