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Break your company down into multiple locations or groups. When you sign up for a Fieldwork account you have a branch called "Main Branch", which is all most companies need. Branches can be used for separate offices that might be on opposite sides of town, or even in other cities. Use Branches to keep these customers separate from other offices.

Key Points

  • Branch examples

  • Setting up Branches

  • Tech and customer must be in same Branch for tech to use mobile app

Branches can also be used to separate routes and customers into logical groups that make sense for your business. For example, create a branch for each of your physical locations or create branches for different services your company provides. If you have one part of your company focused on termites, and another on commercial pest control, you can separate them by using Branches. Add different business names, logos, addresses, url, and phone numbers to the new branch. This information appears on your service tickets and invoices, depending on the branch the work is done under.

Important Two things that cannot be split with branches:

  1. QuickBooks Online sync

  2. Credit Card processing

If you end up charging cards through Fieldwork for both companies (branches) they will go to the same stripe account. You will need to track and transfer funds from one bank acct to the other.

To create a new branch, click the New Branch button in the upper-right corner. You will notice that it’s very similar to the Company Information page.


The name you enter appears in the branch selector in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard under All Branches.

Override Company Name 

Your branch name will appear in all correspondence to the customers of this branch.

Display Branch Address on Payment Coupon

When you enter the branch address and select [X} Display Branch Address on Payment Coupon the branch address appears in the Invoice on the payment stub.

Phone, Fax, Web Address, Applicators License#, Business License#

These should all be self explanatory.

If you have a separate logo for this branch, add it here for it to appear on your Estimates, Work Orders, Invoices and Statements. To add a logo follow the instructions in Company Information. 

You can go between branches by selecting All Branches in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard.

Note If you have a tech in one branch assigned a job to a customer in another branch, the mobile app will continuously try to load, but it won't be able to because of the disconnect. To resolve this, add the tech to the other branch, have the tech refresh the calendar on the mobile device.

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